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Of all the blood pressure manufacturers in the world, Omron is the most popular with both the public and medical professionals. In fact, Omron, as anybody who has researched the brand in the past will know, is the number one doctor recommended brand of blood pressure monitor in the world. Without a doubt, Omron is the place to go if you’re looking for a blood pressure monitor which is both accurate and durable. But just which Omron blood pressure monitor is the right one for you? That’s going to be a little difficult to answer owing to the sheer volume of blood pressure monitors that Omron has produced over the years. The vast majority of people tend to go for the Omron Five or Ten Series, with some settling for the 3 Series. But one Omron…show more content…
The HEM-432C does not have this ability, which is a major disadvantage, especially when you consider the fact that over four million Americans suffer from arrhythmia. Further Features - While it is easy to get bogged down by the cons listed in the previous section, the HEM-432C actually has a lot going for it. Here are a few more benefits of owning this particular blood pressure monitor. One Year Warranty - One of the great things about purchasing your blood pressure monitor from a world renowned brand such as Omron is that you are guaranteed to a product of extremely high-quality. Should you experience any kind of premature problem with your blood pressure monitor, you won’t have to drop an insane amount of money to remedy it as Omron offers a one year warranty with every purchase of its HEM-432C. Proven Accuracy - Omron has a reputation as a blood pressure monitor great to uphold and so does not put its name on a product unless it is absolutely satisfied with its superiority. The HEM-432C has been put through rigorous testing in order to ensure it not only meets but exceeds the standards set by various independent organizations. Conclusion

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