On A Mountain Trail And The Law Of Life Analysis

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On a Mountain trail and The Law of Life are stories that inform, entertain and grab the reader’s attention by using imagery and symbolic issues. The stories On a Mountain Trail and The Law of Life are different in theme, but their underlying themes match up. They both show a different point of view of death, On a Mountain Trail shows how we would avoid death the smarter we get and The Law of Life shows how the tribe perceives it as a tradition. The representation of wolves is similar; they both represent death and shows this by making the imagery for wolves feral and untamed. The depiction of wolves in On a Mountain Trail is almost supernatural. Saying how the grim, dark forms disappear and return with no sound, paragraph 6, “the grim, dark forms seemed to rise on all sides of us. There was not a sound”. They also include that an individual wolf is the most sulking and cowardly of animals unless they are in groups or pairs. The wolves in the story The Law of Life are an allegory of death. KosKoosh’s memory of the moose represents death attacking the elderly. Another example is how wolves came to end KosKoosh’s life after he finally accepts that it does not matter whether or not he fights them. The wolves in these two stories represent death. The law of Life shows this by using the memories of KosKoosh. The memory of the Bull Moose is symbolic of life
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