On Being A Real Westerner Analysis

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Wolff throughout his short story shows how a great storyteller can write a short story and twist a basic story into a thriller in every aspect of writing short stories. I believe that Wolff’s plot of “On Being a Real Westerner” is a structure which is very simplistic given the personality of an autobiography. I feel that Wolff’s paragraph follow the form that was taught to most young kids explaining step by step in which the short is presented. The idea is presented in a basic way followed by descriptions and closed with transitions that leads you to the next idea that will be presented. Wolff uses some good fragments to show what the quick thoughts of a young excited child. The basic flow of the sentences allows a good pace by the reader and the idea flow more quickly, this a clear cut from which us the readers allows an effortless to read until the end where Wolff’s complexity of a child comes out and shows his state of mind. I believe this allows the flow of the story to flow so smoothly because of Wolff’s…show more content…
He sets up the scene, where he was following two elderly people in his sights, before leading up to a squirrel that was going around on a tree. He finally pulled the trigger, and killed the squirrel. He also later on recounts some feelings he encounters in Vietnam and that’s when the thought and image of killing the squirrel I feel, is the action of doing it bothered him for a while. But the main point for me here is that Wolff uses the gun as a device to show his transformation from a boy to a man, and develops a theme of power struggle within himself. Wolff also includes a heavy tone of suspense that makes you hang on the edge of your seat asking yourself what is going to happen next, this is where like Tobias Wolff says “Power can be enjoyed only when it is recognized and feared, fearlessness in those without power is maddening to those who have
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