On Habit Dubotton Analysis

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Old Home New Findings As individuals find different ways to cope with the monotony of their daily lives, the individual would travel around the globe in search of a new discovery. Little did the individual know, when they return to their homes, they will return to their daily routine like any other day. This creates a thirst to constantly stay stimulated whenever the individual is bored, making them rely on external changes rather than changing their mindset. In the essay “On Habit”, DeBotton speaks about room traveling and how keeping a positive mindset can benefit those who find their neighborhood boring. Individuals can indeed change their lives without having to make any external changes, simply by being comfortable alone will affect their lives and having a positive mindset have an impact on traveling. If an individual is happy during their trip, the trip will be a great trip regardless of where the destination is. By simply having a positive mindset, a simple…show more content…
Being able to learn how to entertain oneself means the individual will learn how to be happy even when there is nothing to do. As DeBotton writes,” The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room”, not being comfortable with oneself could affect everything in a way, like how people see you and how they will treat you (DeBotton 60). Individuals would leave the room because they want to look for happiness, but they do not understand that by doing that the happiness is not truly theirs. This happiness comes from others and when the individual is hanging out with the person that leaves, the individual will go back to being alone. That is why the main issue with individuals is the inability to cope with solitude; but if the individual train to persevere through the loneliness, then the individual can find true joy in traveling
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