On Roman Imperialism: The Fall Of Rome

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At its pinnacle, the Roman Empire had ruled gargantuan empire, with different classes, histories, and cultures. These differences caused disloyalty within its provinces, rebellion, and eventually, the fall of Rome.From soldiers to taxes, the empire tried to stop these conflicts, but these attempts only increased tensions if anything, and soon enough, the cracks in the wall that is Rome became too deep to be fixed, and the Roman empire fell.Showing, Rome divided itself with mistreatment more than it ever united with wealth. One way in which Rome was divided is the distrust towards Rome the provinces the empire had conquered held. Constantly at war, Rome loved conquering new territory and they had a good reason for it, too. Obtaining land…show more content…
While, this was great for the economy, owning this much land was made the Empire hard to control. The provinces were conquered violently and without remorse. They had no loyalty to Rome, but fear, and were always ready to rebel if given the chance.The conquered were furious because after they had fought so hard to keep their land from Rome, but failed losing lives, and resources in the process they were still expected to pay taxes and abide by the laws of Rome in a peaceful manner. The Roman historian, Tacitus, put it best in his work, On Roman Imperialism:“These Gauls and Germans,and,I blush to say, these Britons, who though they lend their lives to support a stranger’s rule, have been its enemies longer than its subjects; you cannot imagine them to be bound by fidelity and affection. Fear and terror, there certainly are, feeble bonds of attachment; remove them, and those who have ceased to fear will begin to hate.”The people of the provinces were being told to lose all of their patriotism and give up. Of course, because of human nature, they didn 't. Many…show more content…
Overall, Rome is a huge Empire who had too many differences in classes, wealth, and histories to keep everyone under control and happy. The provinces wanted to practice their own culture and rule themselves, slaves wanted to be treated like equals and have basic human rights, and poor people wanted to provide for their families and lives somewhere where they were not going to die. The differences and divisions could not be fixed by Rome whether it was political reasons or economic. So, these people tried to fix themselves dividing Rome, and themselves in the process. The world today has to understand that people’s basic human rights will are more important to the stability of a society than wealth. We have to start treating people better regardless of race, religion, or gender otherwise we will always be divided, and always at risk of the same fate Rome had. Not to say wealth isn’t important, but human rights matter more in the long run. Rome was incredibly wealthy, but they were doomed to fail at some point because of the way they treated parts of the Empire. Who, found that they would rather live a happy equal life than be safe. Rome has a history that world needs to learn

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