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When you hear teenagers, what do you think? Tattoos isn’t necessarily the first thought that comes to mind, but it is a growing conversation, or even argument, among many teens and those around them. Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, and Andres Martin both made arguments for teenagers and tattoos through their Zits comic. Martin wrote an article called “On Teenagers and Tattoos” and in the article he claims that therapist can learn more about their teenage patients through the tattoos that they are getting, or want to get one. Martin believes that exploring their motives for getting tattoos can not only resolve conflicts, but also get to know them more personally. Scott and Borgman created a comic about teenagers and tattoos; although there isn’t a title to this comic, it is obvious through multimodality that teenagers and tattoos is the main topic. The authors’ comic claims that teenagers do not have a developed sense of identity or what they believe in enough to get a tattoo. Andres Martin- On Teenagers and Tattoos…show more content…
The artifact was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry journal and was published in Volume 36(6) in June of 1997. In Martin’s article, he starts out by addressing the teenage youths’ common decision to partake in the fashion trend of getting tattoos and piercings. He then shifts his focus to help his audience understand why teenagers feel the need to get such permanent marks. Not only is the exigency the commonality of teenagers getting tattoos, but also is established because therapists are dealing with this more frequently with their patients. Throughout the article, Martin asks the main question of: Can therapist learn anything about the mental state of teens from their

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