On Teenagers And Tattoos By Andres Martin Analysis

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“On Teenagers and Tattoos”
By Dr. Andres Martin, M.D. This article “On Teenagers and Tattoos” by Anders Martin, M.D. is an analysis of those children and adolescents who love to have tattoos on their bodies. The writer actually tries to explain the importance of tattooing for adolescents. He describes that by understanding the reasons behind the tattoos, the parents can better understand their children. The special quality of the writer is that he provides a completely different picture of having tattoos from the one that is prevailing among the parents. The style and format in which he wrote really gives the reader a better understanding of the text. In this text, Martin refers to the growing trend of tattoos, and why our young people is becoming a more permanent form of expression. The targeted audience to whom the writer is trying to explain consist of not only those families who disagree with their teens for having tattoos, but also the adults who tend to frown on people who have tattoos. Since, the writer is a psychiatrist, the audience may also include his fellow psychiatrists. The writer actually wants that those who hate or criticize adolescents for having tattoos should try to
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He explains that the tattoo is a readily solution for confused adolescents, and a search for their identity. Martin also states that teenagers sometimes get tattoos as a basis of permanent remembrance, or as an evidence of a bond. He also states that since tattoos are permanent they can be a source of grounding unlike the current relationships of society. The article provides the idea of why teenagers would be anxious to have tattoos and at the same time allows parents and psychologist to be able to stand on their side and understand the position they are
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