On The Avenue Kenneth Miller Analysis

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The medium used to create On the Avenue is oil paint and the composition of this painting well put together. Kenneth Miller’s use of elements such as color, light, and proportion has made this painting all the more wonderfully put together. There is a use of warm colors in his painting but most of the brightest colors are focused on the central figure in the painting. The color of the dress, coat and hat. There is also brightness in the color used to paint the buildings and some of the clothes of the figures. Light is used to brighten and highlight the completion of the central figure in the painting, especially on her neck and the collar of her coat. The face of the woman on the avenue is darker than the rest of her body and this is a result of the hat she is wearing. In the center of the painting, On the Avenue, is a woman wearing a bright red dress with a white color, a light brown coat, a black striped white hat with white flowers on it, she is also wearing gloves on her hand and with the straps on the glove we can assume she is holding a bag. She is looking of the side and the way she is presented in the painting leads us to believe that she is of the upper or…show more content…
The woman in the center of the painting is grater in proportion to the other figures in the background, such as the couple walking by, the man walking on to the canvas, the newsboy, the faded man on the far left of the painting and the people on top of the bus. On the avenue by Kenneth Hayes Miller would be described as a naturalistic piece because the painting looks like it was done while looking at the view of the avenue with these people in it. This work would not be considered an abstract painting looking at the way the figures and buildings are painted. Some shapes seen in this painting are mostly rectangles. The rectangles are used to paint the buildings in the background, the windows on the buildings and the bus that the people are standing on top
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