On The Edge Of The Water Summary

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Agustin Yanez was a Mexican writer who was born in the state of Jalisco. One of his most important work was “On the Edge of the Water” released 1947. His way of telling his novels and stories helped him to be among the most important writers of his time. His realistic works described Mexican life in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Yanez so today is considered the parent or precursor of the Mexican novel. In his book “On the Edge of the Water” tells the lifestyle of a village near his native Guadalajara. In this novel he describes the actions and styles of citizens before and after the Mexican Revolution. A town where hopes and dreams die, where the word of God is led by a priest full of prejudices where their fanaticism…show more content…
In the book Yanez describes the power of the church through the father Dionicio Maria Martinez, their strict action, energy, jealous of their responsibility and authority, indifferent, fussy and manic affects the lives of citizens. The book builds the power of the church has not changed between citizens and rarely does what the church really is based. The edge of the water book has a lot of attention for their courage to argue about the influence of the church on people. At that time speak ill of the church was a very great sacrilege by the power he had. The edge of the water did not have a big impact on your time was after their influence has grown in my village there is even a school and a monument in his honor. Today things remain the same in Yahualica time has passed but very slow in a matter of education and technology. Yahualica has fallen over time. As in most villages but little has changed little they 've incorporated the world today. Past generations of my grandparents and my parents for example had no opportunity to go to school and although the name Yanez was heard not really had time to read works of Yanez. His priorities were others. Today our generation has changed and we are taking the opportunity to study is why Yanez has more influence on our
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