On The First Terrace In Dante's Inferno

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Dr. Raffa also points this out by stating, “On the terrace of envy, Dante admits that he already feels the weight of rocks used to flatten the pride of penitents on the first terrace. . . .” which he says may give light to why Dante seems to include himself amongst the great poets in limbo (Raffa). When the angel carved the P’s onto Dante forehead he carved one for every deadly sin, P standing for the Italian words for sins “peccate” (Stephany). Upon Dante realizing his own form of sin and correcting himself a P would be removed and he could move on to the next terrace. This is why the angel said, “Once entered here, be sure to cleanse away these wounds” (Dante 245). The angel was telling Dante that upon his entrance he had to purify himself
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