On The Impulse Of Morning Maya Angelou Analysis

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Stanton and Angelou
“We may encounter defeat, but we must not be defeated” said Maya Angelou. This quote explains that Cady Stanton and Maya Angelou were women that were determined to succeed. In 1840, Cady Stanton wrote the piece “Declaration of Sentiments” to empower women to stand up for their rights. In 1990 Maya Angelou wrote “ On the Pulse of Morning” to inspire people to live everyday to the fullest and not to waste any moments. Although these women bear some minor similarities, the differences in beliefs between Cady Stanton and Maya Angelou bear some similarities.
Maya Angelou and Cady Stanton's beliefs about freedom were contrasted. Maya Angelou believes that freedom is for everyone. That since people have it they need to use it. Maya Angelou believes
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Back in Cady Stanton's time the women were seen as property to men, and if the women did not have men they would not even be considered women, they would be slaves. “After depriving her of her rights as a married woman, if single he taxed her to support a government which recognizes her only when her property can be made profitable to it” ( Stanton 115). Because Cady Stanton changed the way women were treated and looked at by men Maya Angelou was allowed to speak freely about her beliefs on life. When maya Angelou discussed equality she thought of it as a privilege that because men and women are equal all ethnicities should be equal. “The asian, the hispanic, the jew. The african american and the native american, the sioux, the catholic, the muslim, the french, the gay, the straight, the preacher, the privileged, the homeless, the teacher, they all hear” (Angelou 44-49). Because of Cady Stanton's efforts all of these people were equal and because of Maya Angelou she helped to end segregation. However, just because they had similar beliefs about women achieved similar
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