On The Rainy River Poster Analysis

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I particularly, choose to do the Drawing Poster Project because I am passionate about art. Therefore I found the Movie Poster to be the easiest for me as well as the most interesting and convenient. I knew that it would be easy for me to meet the requirements for the drawing poster project, and that was my goal. Furthermore, my project connects to the the novel because, in my poster board I showcase important scenes from the chapter On The Rainy River. It all starts on June 17, 1968. The main character Tim O'Brien is against the war. He attends political meetings here and there. Tim considers himself “Politically Naive”. He just won a scholarship to Harvard University where he plant to attend and become a Famous Author. He get’s his dreams crushed when he receives the fateful draft notice for the Vietnam War. His grad school dreams are replaced with gripping fear. Will he have to kill others? Be killed? Wounded? He does not believe in war. How can he fight? Much less die. Tim gets a summer job at a meatpacking plant scrubing down pig blood carcuses with water gun. He feels like one of those pieces of meat, just waiting to be killed. He feels too good for the war. On day snaps walks away from the job, packs his car and starts driving. Many draft dodgers flee to Canada which offers a safe haven. O'Brien winds up in a Motel that on the banks of the Rainy…show more content…
All because Tim did not want to go to the war. Thought it was morally wrong. And did not want to be seen as a coward by his family and by his conservative hometown in Minnesota. In conclusion, the characters in this chapter. There were only two Tim O'Brien and 81-year-old Elroy Berdahl. Which both played an important role in the narrator's head. Knowing that this story is made up in the author's head and none of it is true. He probably made up Elroy because he needed a father figure at the time in his
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