On The Rainy River Reader Response

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Reader Response of “On the Rainy River”
The short story “On the Rainy River” by Tim O 'Brien explains to the audience that all men are influenced to go into war, and that they should hide the fears and emotions that they may have along the journey. Throughout the short story the author explains his journey and opens up about his emotions when he was sent to war. Being the audience of this short story explains to you what every man must go through if they were to be sent to war.
When the short story begins, it reveals that the author was overruled by the impact of the war and how it damaged him as an individual, and how he betrays his religion, family and self Right from the beginning of the book the man states that "This is one story I 've …show more content…

He clearly wanted nothing to do with the war as he explains "I was too good for this war. Too smart, too compassionate, too everything. It couldn’t happen. I was above it”. Him saying this meant his heart was to full of compassion to kill anyone or be violent to anyone, he was a better man then that he didn 't want the grief of killing someone to hang heavy over his head for the rest of his life, but he was afraid to admit that to anyone until now. As the author is told he is being drafted to war, he becomes very upset. He clearly does not want to be part of it. His initial says, “I was too good for this war. Too smart, too compassionate, too everything. It couldn’t happen. I was above it.” This clearly displayed his passion against the war, and how much he did not feel associated with it honestly or emotionally.
Towards the end of the book the author explains how negatively affected he was by going to the war. He states that "among other things, it was tough getting dates that summer. I felt isolated; I spent a lot of time alone". As a reader, this quote stood out because it portrayed how he was effected by the how he saw himself as a man, and how he dealt with his consciences and fear silently. It also shows that men are worried of what other people may think if they open up and expose their feelings so instead they keep it trapped

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