On The Rainy River Summary

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A man you have never met might be the man to save your life. In the story “ On the Rainy River”, a Young man named Tim was drafted into war, and his only escape was Canada. Along his trip he came across a cabin owned by Elroy. Elroy gave Tim food and shelter, and gave him a chance to make a life changing decision. Elroy knew what Tim was going through, because he had lived it before. Elroy gave Tim the necessities to stay so that he could stay and figure his life out. When Tim first arrives at the cabin, he gets this overall feeling that Elroy just knows what going on with his life. Now this is a little weird cause Tim never told Elroy about the war or about running away from death; Elroy just knew. With Elroy 's knowledge he provided Tim with a place to sleep and food on the table for a low cost. Once Tim ran out of money ELroy disregarded the fee immediately, and Elroy even gave Tim money so that he could stay. Of course Tim didn’t accept the money, but Elroy didn’t take no for an answer. Elroy posted an enveloped stating “Emergency Fund” outside his door. Tim wondered what all this money meant. Was it for extra food? Was it for Elroy? Or was it money to escape with? I personally think that Elroy gave TIm this money for his escape toward Canada. WIth all this confusion in Tim’s head ELory knew exactly where to take time,…show more content…
Elory and Tim had spent so much time together that Tim thought of Elroy as a father figure. He remembered the time they first met, and all that Elroy had done for him. Tim had now realized that Elory just wanted the best for him, whether that be escaping war; or coming to the realization that war wasn 't that bad. These flashbacks made Tim miss his family, which sparked overall drive and initiative to do what was best. If it wasn’t for Elory being a father figure to Tim who knows if Tim would have returned home to his family and
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