Ian Frazier's 'On The Rez'

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Ian Frazier’s On The Rez is a first-person view of one’s life as an Indian. He spends this chapter talking about his good friend Le War Lance, and their many adventures spanning over 20 years. It gives just a little bit of insight as to the life of an Indian without watering it down. Starting Chapter 2 of On The Rez, Ian Frazier begins by telling the story of how him and Le War Lance had met. Frazier, being a huge fan of Crazy Horse, had inquired of Le on the street one day if he was Sioux. Le replied that he was in fact a Sioux, and that Crazy Horse was his “gran’father”. They bonded over the stories that Ian had researched and Le had confirmed as truth. Frazier states he has many friends, but Le is the only one he has encountered on the street, with a friendship going on 20 years. Le is a different looking person, who would stand out in a crowd just by his height alone. Frazier had been friends with Le for so long, that he’s seen him at his best: fit and built like that of a football player, down to his worst: when he was fighting “generic cancer” and was claiming that he would be dead in six weeks. Eight years later, and the man is still kicking. Their friendship has also had some rocky moments. Le can be quite…show more content…
It started with Thomas Edison creating a documentary about Indian life. Nine years following, a ten minute movie was release called The Great Train Robbery, and despite being a Western with Indian characters, it didn’t have a single Indian actor. In 1910, a group of Sioux was brought to L.A. to be standby for Thomas Ince’s productions. Buffalo Bill Cody had his own movie making business where he had filmed a movie that contained some older Indians who were in the war they were re-enacting. Whenever an Indian was in the movie, they never really got named in the credits as their acting part, but as
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