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In the novel, On the Road, Sal’s and Deans’ relationship is different than any other characters in the novel. Sal clearly makes Dean out to be a hero. As for Dean, Sal is amazingly not judgmental of the not-so-nice things Dean does. For example, Dean abandons him to starve in San Francisco, Sal agrees passively with Marylou that it was not a nice thing to do, but doesn’t speculate too much on his own as to the rudeness of his friend (cite). It's the same deal when Dean abandons him in Mexico. Sal's and Dean's relationship throughout the novel reflects how the 1957’s life was like. They are two men sharing travel experiences. They both want experience life the way they want to. This is why I believe Sal and Dean are the way they are. Sal's…show more content…
Sal eventually sees his relationship with Dean as failing and going downhill. I found it disturbing that Dean wants Sal to hook up with his ex-wife (125). In the novel it states, “Where is Dean and why isn’t he concerned with our welfare? I lost faith in him that year. I stayed in San Francisco a week and had beatest time of my life” (17).This, to me, is the turning point in their relationship. Before Sal was dependent on Dean, but learns how to be independent. Dean ignored the past and future and he had a very fragmented life. He was irresponsible and had no attachment to anyone but Sal. During the novel, all Dean’s friends other than Sal rejected Dean because they thought he was crazy., Every character in the novel had a reason to believe he was crazy. There are multiple quotes, in the novel, that back up this theory. An examples to support his craziness states, ’IT! IT! I’ll tell you- now no time, we have no time now.’ Dean rushed back to watch Rollo Greb some more” (127). I also concluded that this statement that he was hallucinating and thinking about his future dreams look like and what life would be like moving

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