On The Run By Michael Coleman Summary

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For the realistic fiction book, I chose to read ON THE RUN by Michael Coleman. This story follows a teenage boy who is named Luke Reid who lives in London, England. There were many small conflicts in the story that brought up the main conflict of the story which was that the main character Luke, had to be a guide runner for a blind girl named Jodi, in the London Marathon. To achieve this, Luke must train hard by himself to be able to run fast enough, and he will have to train with Jodi to make sure that he is the best guider that he can be. The reason that he was guide running was because he got in trouble with the law. When that happened he got lucky with a deal, which was 2-4 months of community service with the blind, which was Jodi. During the book there was a natural progression of Luke and his change from being a nasty criminal who would break into things, into the nice, thoughtful, and determined person in the end. And the main message of the story is that their is always something better that you can do, compared to being a criminal, and that you should always do the right thing. One of the key scenes in the…show more content…
There were many amazing moments in the book which stopped me from putting it down. But there were some short fall of it which made me enjoy it slightly less. But my rating for this book a 4 out of 5. I gave it that rating because I liked the ending of it because I felt that it made all of the characters end in the right way. I also liked the beginning when he started to guide Jodi, because the arguing with Jodi’s dad and him trying to get better at it. But I didn’t like the parts of the story when he was at school, because it was just boring and not interesting. Another thing I didn’t like was why Mig Russell and Lee Young felt that they needed him for lock picking, because they were already criminals and I felt that they never needed a lock picker so why
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