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There’s bound to be a few conditions in life that are absolute. One certainty is death. Some people view death every day in their lives. Some people have been close to death, others have never faced death in their lives. Some people look at death as a truly terrifying phenomenon, while other people welcome death for one or multiple reasons. Every single living being ultimately has to face with death. The characters from “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket", and “The Last Spin” all encounter death and change because of it.

The main character in "On the Sidewalk, Bleeding" is named Andy. He is a part of a gang called The Royals, and has been stabbed by his rival gang The Guardians. He is literally lying on the sidewalk
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He’s an office worker, a husband to his wife Clare, and he is also a workaholic. Tom Benecke lives in a tall apartment building, he lives on the eleventh floor of the apartment building. Tom was working on an important paper that’s going to give him a promotion at work. Tom’s wife Clare left their apartment to see a movie at the movie theaters, He stayed home to work on the paper. When the paper with important stuff flies outside the window, Tom climbs out onto the window ledge to recover the paper. While he is creeping towards the paper, his apartment window closes behind him. Once Tom recovers the paper, he tries to get the attention of the civilians below the apartment building. Tom is eleven stories high, he has an idea to get the civilians attention by screaming for help, and also dropping items out of his pocket to alarm them to his situation. No luck into getting anyone's attention. As Tom is about to not make it into his apartment alive, he has one last option, and that option is to break into his apartment window. As Tom strikes his fist to his window, he screams out his wife’s name. Tom climbs into his apartment, relieved to be alive from a stupid situation with the paper. After he nearly died, he thought about his wife. Tom picks up his topcoat and hat and, without waiting to put them on, opened the front door, the paper once again flies out the window. Tom Benecke laughs about it and he leaves to go find his wife Clare. Tom Benecke in the story changes because he almost experienced death from his situation with the paper, and he thinks how stupid would it be to die from falling from a tall apartment building because of the paper he was working on. After his situation he starts to appreciate his life and leaves to go see his wife

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