On The Sidewalk Bleeding Symbolism

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding: Andy’s Journey from Innocence to Experience
Everyone has heard the saying “Expect the unexpected”, but does society really live by that? Sometimes life seems to be going so well that one may think that they are lucky, and that nothing will go wrong. But in reality, it is once one gets comfortable that things start to go wrong. Andy’s story is a great example that demonstrates that nobody can live life being 100% comfortable. In the narrative, “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, written by Evan Hunter, a true message hides behind the words, explaining the tragic life-ending story of Andy. He was a member of the “ROYAL” gang, living life to the fullest, so he thought, getting a social status in his community and not letting the true Andy take off the silk purple jacket reading ROYAL on
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The third and final transition arises when Andy’s selflessness transforms into him putting his priorities and actions before others for his own good. He became selfish, in a positive manner. In the short story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” the main character, Andy, undergoes a transition from innocence to experience.
In “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” the author moves the main character’s mindset from idealism to realism. At the beginning of the short story, Andy was stabbed as he was walking on the sidewalk by a member of the Guardians’ gang. Andy is a member of the Guardians’ rival gang, the Royals. Prior to him being stabbed, his ideal life is as a Royal due to the fact that his main goals were to attain a certain status in the community. In Andy’s mind, joining the Royals gang would accomplish these goals. “He could remember how happy he was the Royals has taken him. The Royals and the Guardians, two of the biggest. He was a Royal. There had been meaning to the title” (Hunter) were the thoughts going through Andy’s head. He is thinking of himself when joining the gang instead of thinking of the long term consequences that
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