On Thinking Things Over A Paradox Rhetorical Analysis

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While evaluating the poem “On thinking things over: A paradox” an interesting point was brought up by the author. The author argues that contemplating on decisions ultimately lead to bad conclusions and bad actions. Heinrich Von Kleist compares life to a wrestling match in which one must make on the spot decisions to win or in some cases survive. Kleist claims that life is ultimately a contest in which we should make spontaneous decisions. According to Kleist this is the best way to make decisions or the lack thereof to succeed in life and be triumphant. Needless to say, Kleist died at a very young age, while making a spontaneous decision. Spontaneity is a great concept; however is not necessary true with all situations in life. In many of…show more content…
Regardless of what position of leadership one may have, a leader must make decisions which may affect many people. Leadership is a place where spontaneous acts damage, rather than help the outcome of a particular task. Good leaders must think things thoroughly and come to best possible solutions for all. A great example for this type of situation would be the President of the United States. If the President were to be infuriated by another Nation’s acts, the President might at that very moment feel like his office should send troops to that nation or drop bombs. A good leader would think things through and come to the best solution possible, especially if those actions will be affecting other people. Another example would be that of relationships, when dealing with other people, there are many instances in which we may be frustrated and want to leave that particular person, because of disagreements or fights. If we were to act spontaneously in those cases, every human would be alone for the rest of their lives. The proper thing to do would be to think things over, to look at every angle of the situation and act accordingly. Relationships, whether they are with a significant other or with a direct family member always take much effort. Thinking things over is key to maintain a successful relationship with another person. When an individual is in a meeting with other colleagues and their boss, it is also very important to think things over. If that individual does not think things over before it is stated, that individual might bite his/her tongue and say something inappropriate or something that should not be said. Thinking things over is crucial to most of life’s
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