Once A Crook Always A Crook And The Chenie Character Analysis

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Draft Change started taking place at the beginning of time and hasn’t stopped since. Organisms have changed to adapt to their surrounding. Environments have developed to live in different temperatures, and climates. When people were born into this world they instantly had to mutate for the sake of their lives. Fire for warmth, tepees for shelter, and clothes for protection helped people stay alive. Even today people change to make their lives easier and more productive. Change occurs when important experiences take place and to adapt for a healthier life like Jimmy and detective Price in the article Once a Crook Always a Crook, and The Chenoo in The Legend of The Man-Eating Monster. From watching Jimmy grow and become a normal man Detective Price transformed. Adjustment took place when he saw that Jimmy wanted to become a clean man. After Jimmy new detective price had seen him break his niece out of the safe. Trying to turn himself in the detective claimed he had never seen him in his life. Detective Price changed to show he is not just a stubborn man. Jimmy also innovated for many different reasons. Falling in love made him want to leave his crime life behind. While examining his wife 's dad’s newest vault a little girl suddenly gets closed inside. There…show more content…
For example the Chanoo developed. Although the Chanoo is a fake monster from a folktale. Many children used to believe this folktale, but it was created to teach people a lesson about modifications. This Folktale taught kids that even the most scary monsters can transition from having a frozen heart to becoming a loving man. The Chanoo changed when a little girl convinced him that she is his relative. The Chanoo started to live a normal life, and then decided to become a real man. He told the girl to put him in the fire. She did as told and when he came out his heart was thawed and he was a real man once

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