Once More To The Lake Summary

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The story “Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White, talks about his days growing up at a lake with his father. He describes is experience as he revisits his childhood lake in Maine with his son. This visit touches on his journey in which he goes through memories associated with his childhood and the lake. As he spends time in the lake, his mindset begins to transform him into the kid he was. This emphasized and altered perception in which he saw the lake through his son’s eyes instead.
If I were to choose a place that is filled with a lot of my childhood memories, which in White’s case was the lake, it would be a school where I spent my elementary and middle school days. This school is called Four Rivers Community School. Surprisingly, it is a place I really do miss. I grew up in this school, entering in the year of third grade and finishing off in eighth grade. I met a lot of new people and made friends with everybody in my classes. It is a small school which made it easy to get along with my peers,
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He let him be himself and live on the way he wanted to. White also realized that he was also growing up and is not a kid anymore. As days pass in work, I still catch myself from time to time trying to be a kid again. I am coming to a realization that I am also growing up and am an adult now. The thing that made me open my eyes was that the reason I was back at the school was to teach and take care of the kids and not to be one of them. Being called “teacher” all the time is definitely an eye opener. It is a sign that I am growing up and starting a whole new chapter in life as a college student. However, it is a fun experience visiting the place I once called my school and where I made a lot of good memories. I have to leave that place behind now, just like White did with the Lake. Not completely abandoning it, but leaving a couple of things
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