Once More To The Lake Vs Summerland Essay

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“Once More to the Lake” by E.B White, and “Summerland” by Peter Jon Lindberg are examples of great traveling experiences “to lose and find ourselves.” In these essays there is not any travel solely for adventure, but mostly for a tradition. They show us that traveling does not really need to be just “about the unfamiliar, the discovered, the passport full of stamps” (Lindberg), but may also be to regret nothing from the trip, even if it was unexpected. In his essay, White addressed his most hidden thoughts and feelings about mortality in a beautiful way, which leads him to lose and find himself. His flashback began the first time White brought his son to the lake in Maine where, after many years since he had come with his father for summer vacation, he became confused by his role. Was he the father or the son? This travel brought up many memories to him, which…show more content…
Ever since his teen years, he and his family have been enjoying Pine Point, Maine because for them “Maine is sweet relief.” One summer he met Mark there, and they continued to be friends for life, and they continued returning to Maine every summer. We can notice as White does, Lindberg reflects on his memories when he and his friend Mark used to vacation in Pine Point and the first time he brought his family, who were not familiar with the north of Boston. He sees how things have changed even though not very much. For that reason he wants to lose his daily home routine. He could not wait to go on vacation and escape to Pine Point to lose himself from the weather that he did not like, which was “drizzly Aprils and slate-gray Decembers.” And finally, in Pine Point he found out that he has a place where he feels comfortable and no matter how many times he was there, he always can rely on Maine to help him lose and find himself
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