Once Upon A Time In Anatolia Rhetorical Analysis

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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia provided many different sources of human emotion, some different from the American ways and some the same. The director tested the audience’s patience, by opening very slowly but making sure he showed reactions and facial and body expressions very well. In the beginning while they were searching for the body the camera would begin far away with the cars coming in the distance, you would hear the men speaking. As the camera got closer the thing that stood out the most was the facial expressions Kenan has and will have for the entirety of the movie. He has a look of desperation, and depression. As you read more into this expression, it looked as if he doesn’t feel bad for himself, but he feels bad for his family and others around him. The movie utilizes the camera angles, meaning the way the camera…show more content…
The film shows many differences between turkey and America, one being how law enforcement is run, how people act in different situations and also what different symbols mean in the different culture. The director had this hidden message connected to the film, I believe it is the idea that an adult’s child will be the ones paying for their mistakes, not the parents. This ties into why Kenan would be showing the certain emotions he did and why at the end of the movie his family stood and watched him get taken away, not doing anything but just stood there. I think we may have watched this movie also because it’s here to teach us that our mistakes will always have effects, not only on us but the people around us especially family. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia was a depicted movie, focusing directly on human expression. The way the director uses expression, word choice and body language gets across an implied message as well as a spoken message. The film gave me insight of what another culture may consist of and how things are ran in different

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