One Army Indivisible Analysis

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One Army, Indivisible is one of the programs under the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic Program (CAPE). Soldiers and Civilians come together to work as one team to fulfill their duties as army professionals. The Soldiers and Civilians build a trust among each other to strengthen their relationships. They operate as an indivisible team by sticking together forming bonds that demonstrate Trust, Cohesion, Character, Competence, Commitment, and Community. The information paper, America’s Army-Our profession Theme, “One Army, Indivisible” (2016) gives information on how this program will teach and inspire an understanding of the Army Profession and enhance commitment to our professional obligations – to ourselves, each other, the Army and the American people.…show more content…
As a total force, there is a need for all Army and Army Civilians to be trained and educated at all levels regardless of position. This ensures that the total force will be able to keep up with the forever changes that the Nation faces every day. Soldiers and Army Civilians will remain technically and tactically proficient to be able to work as the total force, which is how the Army completes the mission. With competence, it is true that having the ability to become a subject matter expert with everything you say and do, will ensure that the total force will always have support from the American people. TC 7-22.7 NCO Guide (2015) states that all Soldiers and leaders must master the fundamental warrior skills supporting tactical and technical competence to execute full-spectrum operations among diverse cultures, with joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational partners, at the level appropriate for each cohort and echelon. To be a lifelong partner of the total force there is a need to be a lifelong learner, a need for problem solving as a team to meet each
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