One Big Union Dbq

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The Industrial Workers of the World came into existence in 1905 was a revolutionary unionism known for its radical and militant approach. Its goal was to ensure that unity and completeness was afforded to both skilled and unskilled workers and not solidarity by occupation. Efficiency was not a concern of the union, for they took issue with the fact that the employers reaped monumental monetary gain, while the workers barely made enough to take care of themselves or their families. Its goal was to form one union, which would be opened to all workers, without any barriers. This was known as the “One Big Union.” (page 83) Mission and its sole purpose was to overthrow capitalist. They weren’t above settling for the small victories for it was only a stepping stone to achieving the big ones. As a means to achieve equity, it felt that workers…show more content…
(page 81) Therefore, by taking an active role in choosing the elected officials, as a means to overthrow capitalism. Collective ownership was the way for employees’ achieved voice. Although they were not very successful, I like how The Knight of the Labor, viewed workers/producers as human beings, and how money although nice to have, was of less value that human life. It seems that they were not fully knowledgeable in what it took to operate a successful employee union, but I feel that their intentions were honorable. The AFL although they did feel that workers should also benefit monetarily, they still felt that capitalism was the only way for a business to prosper. Which I don’t have problem with, I just feel that with the workers there is business. I liked Industrial Workers of
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