One Day In Auschwitz Analysis

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World War II is one of the worst times throughout history. One of the worst times in World War II is the Holocaust. There is a lot of uncertainty of when the Holocaust started. The Holocaust was an event in time where Germany captured and imprisoned people who angered Germany but mostly imprisoned Jews. The prisoners were taken from their homes, split from there family and sent to concentration camps across Germany, at these camps prisoners were forced to work, tortured and killed. The largest camp in Germany was known as Auschwitz. Three works that compare the camp Auschwitz are Night, One Day in Auschwitz, and an “Auschwitz” article. These three works are written by different authors who use point of view to advance their audiences…show more content…
The screen writer wrote in 1st person and uses kitty to advance the purpose to inform the audience, then they used kitty since she is an eye witness and a survivor so she cannot be denied. Kitty explains how she was caught and taken to Auschwitz in 1943. Kitty and her family were trying to escape. Kitty says “We were arrested for illegal entry into Germany then sent to Auschwitz” (One Day in Auschwitz). One of Kitty’s first memories of Auschwitz was “Strip, Shave, and Tattoo me” (One Day in Auschwitz). These are just some of the ways the screen writer uses 1st person to advance his purpose, they use it to show the audience how terrible it was at Auschwitz. One Day in Auschwitz is classified as a subjective piece of art. It is subjective because it is only the survival story of Kitty and what happened to her while she was there. The film has Kitty and two young girls walking through camp and this affects the screen writer’s audience by showing the younger generation being interested and caring about what occurred what happened at the Holocaust camps. Over all One Day in Auschwitz is wrote in 1st person and is just a single way an author or screen writer can write about point of
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