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ROUGH DRAFT Once upon a time there was a 13 year old boy named jack. he did not like bullying anywhere and anytime. he saw bullying happening so he took action. The next day at school he created a anti-bullying program for kids who been bullied or kids who see bullying that want to stop bullying. That day Jack’s girlfriend helped him get more people to join. She gave jack 5 people that wanted to help stop bullying. Everyday jack and julie had a meeting with the group to either to put posters around the city or to spread the word around school which leads to them to spreading the word about around the city which paris, france would be the first city to become bully free. Jack and julie went home and talked about the program. Julie says “i don 't think this is going…show more content…
The next week jack was back on his feet and stopping bullying anywhere he can. Jack was a hero because of what he did and did not give up because of being sick. Jack gave people inspiration to stop bullying wherever they are. Jack made over 100 programs around the united states. that is twice as much states there is in the united states. Jack heard and hoped it would spread around the world. A year passed and the doctor checked on how jack was doing and how his origins were doing. The doctor told jack’s family and julie that his origins are doing very well. they talked all day and did not worry because they knew there was nothing to worry about. later on they went for a walk and they decided to go rollerskating which was two blocks from jacks and julie 's house. That night on their way back jack and julie went out on a date with no worries until an tsunami his paris and separates jack and julie. 20 years later jack and julie meet again both in italy. they fly back to paris for their anniversary and visited their home town that was all rebuilt. they saw the news and made sure no weather gets in the way with

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