One Day Narrative

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This one day was honestly one day I’ll never forget, nor change anything about. I had come home from cross country practice and my mom tells me, “guess where you and Isabel will be going next month?!” I couldn’t think of any guesses. She later announced to me that my sister and I are going to meet Tyler Oakley and get his book called Binge sighed. I felt as if I was in shock, I had a hard time trying to wrap my mind around the thought of being next to Tyler Oakley. My adrenaline felt sky high, my hands felt shaky; I didn’t know what to think. My mind was like a race horse. So now its October 24th, I’m thinking to myself that I am going to have to face reality that I will get the chance to meet Tyler today. Also with anticipation, I won’t freak…show more content…
When we arrived, it was 12 o’clock and my mom told my sister and I that we had until 5 o’clock till we have to get out bracelets and get in line. So we all went shopping for the remainder of the time. By the time 5 o’clock came, I was pretty dang excited. We entered the bookstore; it seemed as though half of the teens to meet Tyler already made their way here to wait to get bracelets too. I knew that there were going to be 500 people in a medium sized bookstore and there were about 200 people in the bookstore now and it looked like there was more. We had 2 hours till Tyler came out, and to wait for our numbers to be called out for bracelets. When we got our bracelets, my sister and I started making our way out of the book store because there was not enough room for 500 people to stand in line in a book store. We ended up waiting around the corner anxiously patient, my stomach started to get butterflies because I was getting excited. It’s now 7 o’clock and there were 500 overly excited teens impatiently ready to meet Tyler Oakley. Then line was starting to move, I was anxious, nervous, happy, and
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