One Day Narrative Essay

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The sun gleamed through the window as I sat up in my bed and stretched my arms above my head. “Wow, it’s awfully quiet for a Saturday” I thought to myself tiredly before hearing the words that began my day every morning.

“Kaila, come down for breakfast!” my mother yells in Yiddish. I brush off her call, acting as if I never even hear her call me in the first place. She calls me back again but even louder this time, “KAILA, COME DOWN NOW!” I force myself to get up and, while walking towards the bathroom, release a faint and long groan.

After brushing my teeth I start to make my way down the stairs, beginning to smell that wonderful smell of fried egg that always gets me hungry in the morning, and then realizing that the kids that
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She checks the blinds before opening and makes a very concerned look as she does. She quickly looks over to my brother and whispers loudly, “Go up to your room, now!” As she does, the door suddenly bursts upon and three really tall men walk in. Two of the men in the back looked like standard soldiers and were wearing a standard Nazi Germany uniform while the person in front, clearly the leader of the two men, had a very long, black, leather coat on. He smiled and yells something out loud in German and the soldiers behind him instantly move, grabbing my mother and dragging her outside. My brother lunges quickly and angrily at the man in the black overcoat yelling loudly “LET HER GO! LET HER GO!” over and over again but only getting a strong and fast slap across his face making him land on the floor with a loud thud. I get up quickly and pick up my brother, holding his hand tightly, hearing the loud but faint screams of my mother outside telling the soldiers that she’ll do anything as long as we’re left unharmed. One of the soldiers yell something out loud again and looked at the man in front of us, as if asking for permission for something. He nods and yells “Make it quick! I don’t want to look at her anymore.” with a disgusted look on his
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