One Day Narrative

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When the clock strikes nine I was a tall young boy, me and my friends always had played chess on the side of the grand London clock we each would battle a kid walking along the streets for a tournament, we we 're best friends. Our parents we’re at a graduation party in Fitzrovia to congratulate passing college,while we had free time for ourselves. Ben, Madeleine and I were good friends since preschool and when Ben first chanted “eat the pie eat the pie!”, in that time we 've Ben friends ever since I walked home like the rest of my friend’s, before I entered the house I tripped over a molding paper like the wind said to halt, the wet folded paper said:Tick of time, Tock to place. I had no Idea what that meant I was confused what…show more content…
I ran to the policemen but they didn 't believe me a single bit about a spooky man in a dark jacket. I went to Ben’s home when Madeleine was somehow there. I told Ben and Madeleine about him getting tripped and the man saying things similar to the sign, do my friends believe me? or are they really not my friends?,8:0 PM. “You guys, look at this!”,Madeleine called looking at the TV. The boys turned their heads to look at the TV. On the news the reporter said that phantoms or also called dark souls are attacking the South of London, they have killed and possessed Thousands of people already and yet three fourths of London to go. The end was coming I thought glancing at the TV in front of me, but why? My friends and I ran on the sides of the buildings just in case there were any soul less phantoms out in the open. We ran and ran until we reached to a stop where we had got to London Central. We thought it was a safe place to stay for a little bit so we sat and turned on our iPhones for more news and to get to a marketing station on the google map. When we got there the phantoms had already invaded the western part of of the country. “Guys I think it 's all up to us?” I said in a exhausted tone. “Run!” Ben yelped as he started to
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