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One day after I came home from soccer practice my mom was talking to her boss on the phone. I was wondering what it was about because my mom was saying “yes” underneath her breath so her boss couldn’t hear it. And when she got off the phone she said “boys we are going to the bahamas because I just won 8,000 dollars!” We were all so happy because we had never been in a different country before.It really paid off after all the hardwork my mom put in this to win this prize. We couldn’t be more proud of her.

Two months later we were boarding the plane and it was my brothers first time going on a plane too so he was a bit nervous because of the heights. When we were in the air and were about to land I could see the whole island, I could hear everybody say “WOW”! Once I saw it I knew we were going to have one of the best times ever. Once we landed we didn’t know what to do first so I recommended going to the ocean. It was so cool I saw a dolphin jumping in mid air waving it’s tail,I saw birds soaring through the air, and the ocean waves being peacefully calm. Everybody was just having a great time. The day after that we decided to go to the waterpark and see how many slides we could go on before the day was over. So when we were walking through the park I saw this one slide that looked so awesome! You would just be sitting then you would drop like 500 feet from the air and when you got to the end you would be surrounded by sharks in these cages. It was really creepy. I could hear all the kids screaming in fear. Everything was fun, fun people, fun
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So to cheer us up my dad bought us so much food from the airplane. We got burgers, pop, icecream, french fries, and they got me ear buds so I could listen to the music on the way back home. I could taste the ice cream as it was dripping down my chin. This was for sure the best vacation

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