One Day Short Story

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One day they said i will need a boy to make me food. the next day they sended the boy to the house the boy knocked the door. i said i an coming in a loud voice. He made a lot of cakes and he made a table full of food. The next day he was gone the lady said where is the kid that made my day. They took him to his adopted parents she was mad at them she said that she wanted to adopted the boy. They said that his name is jerry where is he the little boy that was at my house. i want him to be with me i the boy is going to be with me he is not here sir the boy was not here. the next day he saw him in the kitchen then she saw him go to the store then he did not come he was going crazy. them he was going to the doctor the doctor said that he was seeing things then he said that there was kid that was in my house is fake then he said the who made…show more content…
them the doctor said that jerry was not real you are sick. then the next day the boy was there then the boy was making food for the guy. then he said to go away then the boy said that i will never go away i will be with you all i will be haunted this house. then he said i will be in hell by the time that you will be dead. the boy was crying then the guy said that will not will be true then the boy said he will be with him. 5 years later the guy was in the hospital sick. the boy was in the hospital then the guy was screaming in the hospital the guy said who let that boy in the room then the doctor said that what boy that boy that is standing by the door. get him out of here i do not want to see him at all. the boy was mad at him and said that he did not want to see him to. So they did not see each other. The boy was in big trouble the guy was going to be dead. in the hospital the guy was really sick the boy jerry was mad at the guy. Then the kid was like I hate him they were not friends
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