One Direction Persuasive Essay

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Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are all in LA at this very moment. The only person who is not in LA as we speak is Liam Payne. Even though it would be sad that we wouldn’t be able to meet or even see Liam, it would still be the best thing to happen to me. We don’t know how much longer they will all be in the same place, that is why I would love to be driven to LA with Lauren Lekas and Jesse Sae Lao. We want to go so that we can potentially meet ⅘ of the old One Direction, so that we can meet ⅘ of the old One Direction for free and the final reason that I am going to list today about wanting to be driven to LA is that during the drive there and back, it would be great bonding time for Lauren, Jesse and I, but also…show more content…
When you find them on a regular day just out in public, all you need to do is walk up to the member that you see and ask them for a picture or maybe even an autograph. They will always do it for you because, being the sweet people that they are, always want to make their fans as happy as they possibly can. Although meeting just one member around town would be the best thing that could happen to my friends and I, we also can go to the site of the filming of Dunkirk and watch the final scene being filmed. Most people stand on one side of the fence and watch the filming, and once the filming is over, Harry comes to the side of the fence that the fans are on and spends as much time as possible with all of the fans. Pictures have been spreading around the internet of Harry with fans at the most random places such of Starbucks. The same with Louis, Niall and Zayn. This just proves that they actually do take pictures with all of the fans that they come across no matter what it is that they are doing. Not only that, but all of these simple ways of meeting members of the famous band, are absolutely free, and that just makes it all the

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