One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Analysis

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In the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, I am transferred to a hospital from prison for allegedly raping a fifteen-year-old girl. I had always preferred completing my sentence in a calmer environment than in the prison and, therefore, this would do. The voice of the story from the scene is humorous. From the scene, my fellow mates’ goals and mine are to have fun far away from the hospital. The antagonism between me and my nurse Ratched is the most interesting part of the story. We are in conflict because of our almost opposing characters. While the nurse is geared towards punishing and demoralizing law breakers, I am geared towards breaking the law and having fun, especially since my discharge date from the hospital is uncertain. In the first instance, I am denied permission to go out of the hospital having broken Ratched’s window. She would have been justified to do so since my intention was to escape with a prostitute I had acquainted myself with while in Portland. Even after denial of the permission I break the window again just after it has been made (Kessey 3). The second most interesting instance happens when I am sent to a shock shop for electroconvulsive therapy. This happens when one of the patient’s anger flares up and starts causing chaos, and I join in the chaos. The film is about my ugly encounters with my nurse and how we are both able to overcome them. The fishing scene which I have chosen to narrate is about how I ask for permission to go for fishing

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