One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Control Analysis

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Control is something most of us have in our daily lives whether it is choosing what we eat or doing simple things such as singing in the shower. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesy the patients on the ward have lost control of what they may do or are fighting to keep the control as the Big Nurse attempts to take away their control. The Big Nurse represents being in total control over a situation. McMurphy shows the fight to keep control and retaliating against authority. Chief Bromden shows what happens after losing control and sanity. This book shows a fight for control and sanity within the patients as individuals and group. Controls is shown through three main characters, Big Nurse, McMurphy, and Bromden. The Big Nurse is the …show more content…

He has what he describes as a fog from the medication and how this makes even a time a haze. He describes this time slowing or quickening as the Big Nurse deciding how time should go which could if it came from the medication be due to the fact that she is probably in some amount of control over their medications. He has lost the control of how is environment is perceived which is shown through the fog. “They start the fog machine again and it’s snowing down cold and white all over me like skim milk, so thick I might even be able to hide in it if they didn’t have a hold on me. I can’t see six inches in front of me through the fog and the only thing I can hear over the wail I’m making is the Big Nurse whoop and charge up the hall while she crashes patients outta her way with that wicker bag” (pg 13). Instead of seeing things in the clear way ost of us do he sees things with a white, misty fog over them. Some days he will see further past the fog and others the depth of his vision is limited. This fog is do his lack of control over what enters his body as well as possibly the loss of sanity that came with being ruled by Big Nurse. The theme of control is carried through Big Nurse, McMurphy, and Bromden. The Big Nurse controls the actions of those on the ward with both her actions and her presence. McMurphy fights the controlling environment he has been put in. Bromden is an

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