One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Laughter Essay

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In Ken Kesey’s One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, humor is present in an influential form. Not all insane people have the capacity to laugh or find the humor in something as would normal people are capable of. Most people live terrible realities, drifting day by day in the plain, depressing in the place of an asylum. Patients have forgotten how to live because they are under the commanding rule of the head nurse, and under the behavior effect of drug doses and overbearing orderlies. The patients’ laughter is a therapeutic form. In the novel laughter play a major role by representing a type of freedom and an escape from nurse Ratched’s restrictions. Laughter proves a vital role in helping the patients deal with their problems. Not only does…show more content…
They began to demand things like watching the World Series, even though they didn’t get to watch it, the fact that they demanded it was the difference. They wanted their tub room back. They started to speak up and standing up for themselves, wanting to be heard. Before they gain this confidence, they really didn’t have a voice. Dr. Spivey was also influenced by the laughter in the ward he used to be Nurse Ratched’s “manikin” he used to do whatever she told him, but after he started having a sense of humor, he actually took care of the patients and was choosing to make the carnival and take them out for the fishing…show more content…
It’s hard to understand much else about the why’s and how’s of laughter, but they seem to know, simply, that it works. This means that in order for readers to further understand the reality of things like humor in Kesey’s book, oneself should have to ignore their feelings and sacrifice the pleasure and ask questions that help people to discover what it is about humor that is so powerful. Laughter does not only play a major role in the story, but in life as
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