One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Mental Institution Analysis

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Mental Institutions change throughout the years in order to be the best for their patients. Patients are treated much more nicely than they were back in 1963. Patients have many more privileges now days. There is a huge comparison from today’s institutions from the institution in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.” There is also many similar things between the two mental institutions “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” took place in 1963. The main goal was to keep the patients out of society. They would also try and help the patients to some extent. Patients in area the size of a gym roughly. There was a small part separated for a bedroom. Patients got help from the nurses in the same way. No one had their own plan to heal. In the movie it seemed to just have male patients. The patients then were separated between some mental illness and severe mental illness. Some…show more content…
Today patients have many more privileges. The goal is to help get those who can back out into the world. Patients have their own plan to get help. Patients have there own little rooms. The institution has different sectors for groups and other rooms. Patients travel underground whenever they need to go to a different building. Most patients are sent here and are not voluntary. The institution in Independance have stopped performing lobotomies. Lobotomies destroy what makes people human. Lobotomies are also a very risky procedure, because if it is not done correctly, can kill you.There are many more groups today. The groups still separate between how severe their mental illness is, but have male and female groups. There is also a group of kids in Independence. Most of the kids have had a rough life and are sent here for help. The kids will go to school all year to catch up. When the kids are 18, if they can, will go to a special house to live. Some of the older patients will never leave, because of the severity of their
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