One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: Movie Analysis

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest contained many valuable characters that without the movie would not have been the same. Nurse Ratched and Chief Bromden were the keys to the plot, however the plot would not have been possible without character Randle Patrick McMurphy. McMurphy was the character in the film in which the plot was made possible through, the character who made the movie humorous but still with a serious undertone. Randle P. McMurphy is the most valuable character throughout the film due to his ability to give the other patients therapeutic car, teaches them lessons, and to add humor. To begin, Randle McMurphy came to the mental hospital and just a guy trying to get out of jail. By the end, he had given the other characters more therapy than the trained nurses, he allowed them to be free, and have some responsibility. In one scene Randle sneaks the patients out to go fishing, and ended up giving them a therapeutic lesson by teaching them to fish, and especially teaching Cheswick to drive the boat. McMurphy presented the idea that everyone is a little crazy and it is okay to be, they are no crazier than the next man. Randle also helps with therapy by showing the guys have desires is normal, desires which are otherwise discouraged in their ward. Randle P. McMurphy allowed the other characters to express themselves in ways that were…show more content…
Randle was able to provide the male patients with more therapeutic care than their own professional nurses by just letting them express themselves. McMurphy was able to make an impact on the other characters, teaching them valuable lessons along the way. Lastly, McMurphy added the humor necessary to create entertainment, but kept the seriousness of the film. Had the character of Randle P. McMurphy not been created, the movie would not have been the same, the film might not have even been
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