One For My Dame Poem Analysis

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There are many images of Nazism and references of the war in both poems. They are considered original poems because they are far from having stereotyped images of the war. It is related to Nazis having pessimistic tone. Both poems depict the II World War when speakers mention that German people are related to the Nazi past. The physical characteristics are relevant because the men in both poems, have blue eyes connected with the German physical appearance. In One For My Dame, the possible interpretation claims that this poem is based on Sexton experiences, and there is a clear description of the husband and the father. The speaker talks first about her father who died, and then about her husband. At the beginning, the speaker makes a comparison between both “on…show more content…
Her troubled feelings are related to the tides, the strong emotions and the anxiety. As I pointed out, there is a clear comparison between the speaker´s father and her husband. Her father was a salesman, a talker, a person in love with maps and she wants in her life someone similar. The “new loves” in the poem are related to the infidelity. In the poem Daddy by Sylvia Plath, it appears different metaphors related to the speaker´s father which describe her ambiguous relationship. At the beginning, she compares her father with a black shoe and with a statue. For her he is a giant, a God, a Nazi, a Swastika, and a vampire. She considered herself as a poor victim of his wickedness. She wants a revenge against her father, and her husband. According to the Electra complex based on the Freudian psychology, she identifies and compares her husband to her father. The complex of Electra represents the love towards the father and hostility towards the mother. However, the speaker reflects that she wants her father to die because she cannot forget the damage that he caused
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