One For The Money Character Analysis Essay

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Stephanie Plum, Morelli, and Ranger are three main characters in the book, One for the Money, by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie is a young woman struggling to get by in the city of Trenton, New Jersey. After losing her job, she goes against her family’s request and gets the dangerous job of a bounty hunter. She gets assigned Joe Morelli, who was accused of murder and who happened to be a childhood enemy. Stephanie is very inexperienced and receives help from a professional bounty hunter, Ranger. Although Stephanie and Joe have a rough past and she must go through many risky situations, she eventually earns the $10,000 reward after solving the mysterious murder case. The author uses direct and indirect characterization to explain who these characters are and how they change during their many complications.…show more content…
Ranger is introduced to the audience as a very intimidating man that will do anything to get his job done. We know that he is very talented through the author’s direct characterization. “He makes apprehensions other agents only dream about. He gets a little creative sometimes, but hey, that’s the way it is with a genius, right”(33), this quote tells the audience that he is very good at what he does and Stephanie could use his help. Throughout Stephanie’s search for Morelli, she gets into some very dangerous situations and without Ranger, she would have never finished the search. Ranger seems to be very terrifying, but the author indirectly shows that he has a heart through the way he treats Stephanie. The main characters of the novel, One for the Money, are explained and described by the author using direct and indirect characterization. Stephanie, Morelli, and Ranger are dynamic characters that evolve during the book and are very different by the end. They all go through many different events that have a personal effect on their
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