One Man Two Guvnors Play Analysis

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One Man, Two Guvnors is a play written by Richard Bean based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni. This is the most contemporary play we have read during this course and it also had the most humor. This play is very light hearted and funny, most of the comedy seems to come from physical harm between the characters and also the ignorance of many of them. The main character is Francis Henshall, he is the servant of both Stanley Stubbers and Rachel Crabbe but both think that they are his only master. Throughout the play Francis creates many diversions so that Stanley and Rachel don’t find out that Francis is working for both of them. What Francis does not know is that Stanley and Rachel are dating and are trying to get in contact with one another. The play mainly uses slapstick comedy to entertain the readers; this form of comedy is the most easily recognized by all age groups and is the most basic form of comedy. Slapstick includes physical comedy, dirty jokes, and what is commonly known as, “Bathroom humor.” My favorite example of this from the play was when Francis was talking with Stanly about Patty’s previous employer would was diagnosed…show more content…
This play has a very carefree and relaxed tone and it has comedy that is very easily translated to audiences today. Unlike The Twelfth Night, although it is also a comedy, the jokes did not carry though time and are not easily applied to a modern crowd, most of the jokes and banter between characters was lost throughout history as our language and mindset evolved. One Man, Two Guvnors was my favorite play this semester it’s very carefree and was a nice break at this time in the semester. This play was really funny and contained many different kinds of slapstick comedy, which helped in lure in a modern crowd and keep their attention with jokes that translate easily amongst all
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