Abraham Lincoln's Quote Analysis

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The quotation attributed to Abraham Lincoln that talks about fooling some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, etc is incomplete. He should have added “but you can fool a lot of people all the time” and the quote would have been more comprehensive. A lot of people are being fooled not because they are cognitively inferior but because there is a strong tendency in humans to find solace in the herd instinct. And when the stampede is heading for the precipice individual thought and action are like rabbits standing in the way; frightfully counterproductive. This was brought home to me in the sixties when a huge section of the American public was deluded by religious fundamentalists into believing that the Soviet…show more content…
They say that the devil is in the details and in this scenario of the end-times beast the bamboozlement lay in biblical hermeneutics. The revised Roman Empire is taken by many to extend in a linear direction and at some point will repeat that which it has already experienced; hence the Pope and Roman Catholicism. Not so. The revised Roman Empire will extend and mutate not existentially as before but in kind; morally bankrupt, spiritually dead and theologically secular. In the book One Minute to Midnight on God’s Clock (listed below) in chapter eighteen the author lays out compelling reasons backed by scriptures why the eschatological Beast of Tribulation is not the Pope. People need to examine for themselves the truth of these assertions and for once defy the herd instinct and reason for themselves. The Roman Empire will never be revised in the context of a sovereign nation because scripture makes it clear that the Roman Empire was the final world empire where one sovereign country ruled the civilized world and every attempt to revive it has dismally
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