One Of The Important Five Dialogues Of Understanding Crito

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Understanding “Crito”

I. Introduction
Crito was one of the important five dialogues of Plato about his teacher/character Socrates who underwent trial and death. In this work entitled Crito, Socrates refused the proposal of Crito that escaping into exile than drinking the hemlock would be of better option. This means that the discussion will be on the Socrates as expounded on Crito rather than the historical Socrates.

II. Characters: A. Crito – A wealthy man of the same age of Socrates who supported Socrates in the trial and who frequently visited Socrates in prison.

B. Socrates – the gadfly of Athens accused of corrupting the youth. He has a death sentence by drinking the hemlock.

III. Structure of the Crito Reading the Crito, the dialogue can be separated into three parts, namely: A. Meeting with Crito, B. On Majority and C. On Goodness.

A. Meeting Crito
1. Crito came early to the cell of Socrates.
2. Socrates realized the untimely arrival of Crito making Socrates ask Crito of what happened to the guard.
3. Crito told Socrates that he offered the guard something.
4. Socrates realized that Crito has been there for a while and asked Crito why he didn’t wake him up.
5. Crito answered that he will never wake Socrates since Socrates has been sleeping peacefully.
6. Socrates told Crito that he is not resenting the current position of his life.
7. Socrates asked why Crito was too early.
8. Crito said that he has some bad
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