One Of These Days Analysis

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“The Feast” and “One of These Days” are similar because both of them criticize the bystanders in the conflicts between commoners and the authorities. In “One of These Days”, even before the Mayor meets the dentist, the Mayor threatens him by saying that “if [the dentist] don’t take out his tooth, he’ll shoot [him]” (Marquez 115). As a response, the dentist says, “O.K. Tell him to come and shoot me” (Marquez 115), and he tends to take out his revolver in the drawer. However, instead of letting the Mayor shoot him for resisting the Mayor’s order, he takes out his tooth for him. Their conversation shows that the relationship between them is more like enemies than a governor and his own people. Indeed the dentist does not want to follow the Mayor’s…show more content…
Saint Marie, a girl who is half white and half Indian, is religiously more on the Native Americans’ side in this story. Without actually learning about Christianity, she distorts the Christian faith and turns it into something that can fulfill her ego. Instead of thinking about worship the only God and devoting herself to this religion, she wants to be “a saint [people] would have to kneel to” (Erdrich 1). Based on the fact that the God they believe in is the only god for Christians, her thought of wanting be a god figure herself is totally against the Christian faith. Later, when she talks about “getting into town” (Erdrich 2), she just briefly mentions “went to church” (Erdrich 2) after throwing out all the vivid descriptions about how exciting she is for just going to town. According to this, she believes that going to church is not so worth mentioning as getting to town. It indicates that she doesn’t actually understand the reason and the importance of going to church, which means she is not really religious. On the other hand, Sister Leopolda, a Christian nun, does not know about the Native Americans’ religion, either. She regards the god in the Native Americans’ religion as “the Dark One” (Erdrich 4) and insists he is going to hurt Marie, so she always holds an oak pole to catch him. She also tells
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