One Ordinary Day With Peanuts Analysis

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In the short story “One Ordinary Day with Peanuts” Mr. John Philip Johnson really stood out for me in this amazing short story written by Shirley Jackson. This was one of my favorite short stories that we have read in class. Mr. Johnson was a small older man. He seemed to be pretty happy with his life. When he walked out the door he seemed to be excited with what he was going to do throughout the day. He started of the day with a pocket full of peanuts and candy. By his actions he was very generous. He bought a small carnation for his button hole. While he was walking he gave the small carnation to a small child. The child looked confused but the mother smiled at Mr. Johnson. As I said earlier Mr. Johnson started out with a pocket full of…show more content…
Before he bumped into the woman he saved a cat that was on the road it was a kind move on his part. I later he asked the woman how much she made in a day because the women was running late for work. He told her not to go to work and that he would pay for the day that she missed at work. While Mr. Johnson had already agreed to pay for the women's day of work that she missed, he found a man that was in a hurry also, he also payed him his daily wage. I feel like he trusted people easily. When he had finally learned the man and women’s name he introduced them to each other and gave them some money to use for whatever they wanted to do for rest of the day he suggested that they go to Coney Island or go to lunch somewhere. The man later on said how do you know that I am just not going to walk away and leave the girl here. Mr. Johnson said that because he asked that question that he knew the man would not just leave the women there. He came home to his wife and he asked her how her day was and she explained that she was just mean to people. I was thinking that she was a horrible person, but then she said “tomorrow do you want to switch back?” he said “yes” so really he was the very mean person and she was the nice and kind
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