Poetic Techniques Used In William Faulkner's One Perfect Rose

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One perfect rose is a form of rhyme scheme that expresses one women’s opinion about being in a relationship with someone. The first line is mostly about how the first meeting between a girl and a guy turns out as for love at first sight significance of giving a flower or flow’r, with no exchange of words. The second line is the way the flower was given to her by sensible men as the messenger that the man has chosen to give her flower. The third line is the description of the feelings that women react usually when giving a flower to a man she likes.For example, might felt warm feelings towards them and pure love as it finesses. The fourth line is the name of the poem, of a flower that is a rose is perfect to fit in a relationship, symbolize love. The next line the poet mentions a definition she thinks of…show more content…
Also how the heart of the men is a cage in the past men were afraid to show their true emotions towards someone they really like. The seventh line is more of how the love can be consumed for long periods of time, being a trap in an amulet fill with so much emotion. Mentioning again the eight line being “one perfect rose”, all the feeling are in the rose with no words. The last four line is the shift in the feelings of the women again. The ninth line is a question without a question mark, referring to the women waiting for someone to give her something, asking for anyone, the change of the attitude. The next line is having high expectation for some person just met to give her a limousine that is expensive, asking her self or other people it is possible. Then the next line is herself highly doubt it, already knows as if is daily she will receive the same things no surprise since is the same gift she knows what she gonna get. The last line is one perfect rose at the end, but feel appreciated that the small things still counts as a token of their
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