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We are still starting fresh in the New Year. The Gentleman Snark is here to break in the new year with ONE PUNCH!!!!! Time for a review for One Punch Man anime. One-Punch Man anime was written by Tomohiro, directed by Shingo Natsume, music by Makoto Miyazaki. One-Punch Man does have a manga adaptation written by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The manga currently has 12 volumes and I have fully caught up on all of the material. Even the old webcomic with sub par drawings. The anime was produced by the highly appraised Studio Madhouse. This anime is another superhero anime, but with a twist. One-Punch Man serves as a parody of all shonen based material while maintaining it’s on narrative and awesomeness at the same time. The anime currently has 12 episodes. Disclaimer: There may be spoilers. Story: The Story is very straight forward. Our main character, Saitama, was an unemployed loser of society bouncing from job oppurtunity to job opportunity with any real motivation to live. After a random face-off against a crab monster to protect and ass faced child. Saitama decides…show more content…
It doesn’t have a slow start like most animes, you are thrusted into intense action from episode 1 and on. The Beauty of One-Punch Man is that accomplishes what it needs to do. I comes in gives us intense action, decent comedy and leaves without us feeling bored or repetitive of the episodes. While season 2 has been announced to come out(eventually). There was never an official release date announced, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that 2017 is the return of One-Punch Man. At this time One-Punch Man is licensed by Viz Media and Madman Entertainment and is available for legal streaming on Daisuki. If you are dying for more superhero entertainment, check out Boku No Hero Academia(or My Hero Academia). Hopefully that would be to liking since the 2nd season is also been announced. Well, I’ll be signing off for now, until next time folks. SEE

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