One Shot Narrative

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If I should lose you: One Shot *Fiction very loosely based on a historical event *This event was randomly picked, no personal views involved. Year: 1991 Month: January Date: 17 Time: 0500 hours Location: Kuwait Gulf War: Op?ration Daguet ?Lauu!? I briefly looked away from my moving targets in panic. He moved away from me again. We were under attack and have been in intense combat with the other forces for the last thirty-nine hours. I felt his presence slide near me as he laid on the ground next to my right foot. Hoisting his gun through one of the openings to the barricade that our brigade made from bags of sand and mud. He roughly hit my calf muscle to remind me that I was in the midst of crossfire and that I needed to get my head back in the game. I turned…show more content…
I looked down at my watch ?We should have an air strike coming in exactly ten minutes!? He nodded as he reloaded again. ?These fuckers are relentless and it looks like they are moving closer, we have to do something!? I knew that he was thinking of doing something crazy as usual. ?No Lau! Hold your fucking post!? I didn?t care if he was my superior in that moment; he was my brother first and I was here to protect him. He looked behind him to the heavy duty machine gun that was currently perched atop of our fort, unoccupied. ?Cover me? He requested as he began to move towards it. ?Lau!? I yelled in vain, even as I covered him. As soon as he made it, I felt a pang of relief in my heart. The weapon was already loaded, so he immediately began to open fire on our enemy. I must admit, his fire power mixed with ours pushed them back a little. I was notified by one of the Legionnaires that our air strike would be two minutes behind schedule due to an enemy attack. I was more than ever grateful for my brother?s quick thinking skills. Not too long after two French airplanes flew above our heads. ?Take
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