One Should See With His Soul By Leon Agulyansky: Play Analysis

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It happened! A serious, powerful drama play was staged in Smolensk Theatre. A first night show of Vitaly Barkovsky “One Should See with His Soul” after a similarly-named play by Israeli playwright Leon Agulyansky was staged on the 6th of November on the big stage of the drama theatre.
“It’s a great honor for me, that the first spectacles of “One Should See with His Soul” are citizens”, - admitted the playwright, that arrived to Smolensk from New York. “I’m happy that my play Barkovky got my play, because he is a great stage master, and we understand each other perfectly.”
The plot is rather easy – an old mother, missing her successful children, sent them letters, in which dying. Sons and a daughter came to send her to glory. They were so surprised to discover that their mother was pretty healthy, and the only embarrassing thing was that the old
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Being sure that they are absolutely right, our mothers and fathers go to their internal world. Angered with misunderstanding of other people they save money without realizing the purpose of it, - says Leon Agulyansky. – But it’s not what it is about. Parents want to write their children’s destiny. But life writes its own rough and unpredictable scenario, and no money would help. The most essential for me is that somebody will make a declaration of love to somebody or visit his old parents after this play. Or maybe he will ask them to excuse him…”
The playwright was thinking about the play “One Should See with His Soul” about two years. A year ago, talking to a chief producer of the Smolensk Drama Theatre Vitaly Barkovsky after a first night of one-man production “Director”, Leon learned that Vitaly Mikhaylovich is looking for a powerful play for jubilee of Lyudmila Sichkareva, people’s artist of Russia. Barkovsky wanted to outline, tint bright grades of actress’s talent in a qualified modern drama

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